24 Hour Hotline   -   02 9415 3333

To report all injured or distressed marine mammal

• Our 24 hour Marine Mammal Incident Hotline is funded by the generosity of ORRCA members as well as the public.

• The ORRCA Marine Mammal Incident Hotline provides a 24 hour service that results in the rapid response to marine mammal emergencies.

• If you would like to help us keep providing this vital service for the animals, please contact us with your donation.

• There has never been a better time to join, so why not become a member?

• Memberships are open to all.

Donating or leaving a bequest to ORRCA is a wonderful way to say thank you to all the hard working volunteer members that make ORRCA so special.

Remember, ORRCA is a not for profit, completely volunteer organisation with no paid staff or office.  Neither is it funded by the government.

All money gained will go back to the organisation and will be used to assist with the running of the organisation.

A 24 hr / 7 day a week hotline is an expensive, but necessary requirement as is research equipment, stationery and printing for educational purposes. 

Please, if you are looking for a worthwhile organisation that really does make a difference in the marine mammal world, a donation to ORRCA would mean that your generosity will help us to assist a marine mammal in need.

Credit card payments can be made via Paypal here

Paypal Donation

Or forwarded by cheque or money order to:

PO Box 4439
East Gosford  NSW  2250 

Cash donations can also be made to ORRCA at any one of the festivals or meetings that we attend.

Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.


After a number of requests, we are posting suggested wording for ORRCA bequests:

I Bequeath to ORRCA Inc. registered under the Associations Incorporation Act (NSW)  [whatever you want to leave] and the receipt of the Treasurer, Secretary or Public Officer for the time being is an absolute discharge to my Executors.

On behalf of the animals, thank you!

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