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To report all injured or distressed marine mammal

Workshop Options

Options for completing the ORRCA rescue workshops

About the Rescue Team

After completing a Marine Mammal Rescue Training Workshop, you become a member of the ORRCA Rescue Team and we will contact you whenever there is a stranding or other marine mammal event in your area. If you are available, you can participate as a certified rescuer.

If you are registering for a Training Workshop and you are not already an ORRCA member, we will include 12 months membership for a nominal fee. 

We do this because the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service has asked us to make sure that the people we train are all members of ORRCA. ORRCA is the only organisation licenced by the NPWS to assist at whale strandings. So you would not be able to assist if you did not become a member and renew annually.

Membership Categories

Membership is open to all ages, however to join the Rescue Team you must be 15 years or over. Persons under 18 years must also have written parental/guardian consent.

Individual One person may join the Rescue Team.
Family Any number of family members may join the Rescue Team.
Only one vote per family at ORRCA meetings.
Group Members of an organisation or club who are not eligible to
join the Rescue Team.
Senior A person over the age of 60 years who may join the Rescue Team.
Overseas Resident of another country who may join the Rescue Team
if able to travel.

Should you have access to the Internet, you will receive a link to enable you to view ORRCA publications as they are released. This includes the Newsletter. ORRCA publications are also optionally available on paper via the post.

If you don't need a paper copy of ORRCA publications, we offer a reduced membership fee. In this case you must provide us with your e-mail address. Every time there is a new publication we will notify you by e-mail so you can view it on the Internet via the website or print it.

You will also need the Acrobat Reader. If you don't already have Acrobat you can download it free of charge. If you can access the Internet but have no e-mail address, you may wish to get a free personal e-mail account from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or similar outlet. Internet access is available free of charge at many public libraries, or at reasonable cost in cyber cafes, shopping malls, airports and other outlets.

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